Let’s Rename SEO?

This week I put a post out on my LinkedIn asking what people would rename SEO to. It was super fun but also really interesting.

Here are the suggestions:

  • Information Accessibility Optimisation
  • Answers Marketing
  • BUMS (Big Up My Site)
  • Google Worshipping
  • Website Language Acquisition
  • Bloody Good Marketing
  • Search Experience Optimisation
  • Organic Acquisition
  • User Experience Optimisation
  • Online Users Investigation
  • Growth Hack Ninja Guru’ing
  • Free Google Traffic
  • Getting Your Info Out There
  • Websites Done Right
  • Natural Attraction Performance
  • We Are Here
  • Organic Performance
  • Library Wars
  • Relevance Revealance
  • T’interweb Voodoo Theory


For comedy, it has to be BUMs.

For seriousness, I really like User Experience Optimisation. Read the full list here.