Linkbuilding shortcuts / addons in Chrome

The area of online marketing I work in is one of the most competitive niches there is. As a result, link-building isn’t just vital, it involves a lot of prospecting, contacting and deal making.

I use various things to speed up the process (many using Excel which I’ll touch upon in another post). As much as I can, I ‘automate’ looking at prospects, however this still leaves much ‘manual’ reviewing to do.

I’ve been using Chrome for a long time – never was a fan of Firefox, and (hopefully obviously), IE is a pile of crap.

There are a few key addons/extensions I use to make link prospecting easier

1) SEO Quake for Chrome – I use this literally hundreds of times a day. Predominantly to show PageRank and number of outbound links. I prefer the ‘vertical’ / top left SEO bar. It’s quick, robust and gives me a quick ‘snapshot’ of the main stats of the page.

2) Link Clump – Link Clump is a little beauty. Many times you’ll want to open multiple links from a page (e.g. Google results etc). Link Clump enables you to drag around the links you want to open in new tabs, and right click to do so. The additional benefit is it is one-click faster than doing right-click/open in new tab for individual links. Win!

3) Quick Whois – I LOVE this extension, it’s saved me hours over time. One click and a couple of seconds and it pulls in whois – very helpful for com/net/org etc but not for etc. Simple and awesome. My only gripe with this though is that I’d rather it just parsed the information you want (in my case the email address) – I don’t need the usual spiel from it.

4) Yet Another Flags – Again, a nice simple extension. This literally just puts a flag on-load on the far right of the address bar, indicating where the site is hosted.

5) AdBlock Plus – Yeah I know, not really an SEO tool. I’ve included it though as it kicks ass and browsing since I installed it is much easier and less annoying.

And that’s basically it. Obviously there’s tons more extensions out there that are useful for web development, SEO etc, but doing predominantly link prospecting/buying/building, these are the ones I have enabled all the time.