My Favourite SEO News / Blog Resources

With the SEO industry being so big and encompassing so many disciplines, there is a ton of news and information out there. If you’re looking to keep up to date with things (which, if you’re at all interested in being a great SEO you should be), it’s tough to know which to follow.

Over the years, I’ve tried tons but these are my go-to SEO newsletters/sites now:

➡️ Marie Haynes ‘ Search News You Can Use’ Newsletter (Weekly)

Why I like it: Very compreshensive round up covering everything from local SEO to technical. Both the free and paid versions are great (the paid one is superb value IMO@$18pm). It comes with a podcast too. Tons of great stuff but also no fluff in there – covers all topics. Highly recommended.

➡️ Blue Array ‘Need To Know’ SEO Newsletter (Weekly)

Why I like it: A big round up of SEO articles from the week. Structured into sections (e.g. technical SEO). Also lists out case studies and how-tos, which are helpfully categorised (e.g. easy, intermediate).

➡️ SEOFOMO Newsletter by Aleyda Solis (Weekly)

Why I like it: With a title like that what’s not to like? :). Seriously though, a good mixed bag round up of changes and news in the SEO world. I like how there is a short summary of what each thing is about to save you clicking on stuff you won’t be interested in.
Additionally, there’s a well-written SEO tip each week, and a section dedicated to non-SEO stuff which you can learn from. A very well curated newsletter.

➡️ Oli Mason (Blog)

Why I like it: Very well written posts on technical SEO. Oli covers tons of topics you won’t find elsewhere (example: “host a website inside robots.txt”, approached with a curious and methodical mindset.

Oli also runs OHGMCON – a niche mini-conference which I’ve heard great stuff about.

➡️ Bill Slawski (Blog)

Why I like it: Bill has a very niche, specialist area which is around patents that search engines have done.

It’s not a ‘light read’, really one of those sites where you need to sit down with some time and focus to get the most of it. I love how he covers each in real detail and explores the implications of each patent. Fascinating stuff which can give you real insight into where Google is headed.

➡️ Google Webmaster Central (Blog)

Why I like it: Probably the only source of SEO announcements from Google that have any clarity. A recent example would be the updates on mobile first indexing, along with tons of stuff about Google Search Console.