10 Life Lessons Retired Greyhounds Can Teach Us

1) Sometimes you just have to get stuck in to get what you want from life.

You never know where treasure may be buried

2) Things that seem big and scary aren’t always scary once you get up close.

Not everything is as scary as it seems.

3) Take responsibility for stuff you’ve done.

It’s best to own up, admit you were wrong and do your best to fix it. Rather than stand in front of the evidence and look shifty.

“It wasn’t me.”

4) Don’t worry what you look like

I don’t care. I am comfortable.

5) Believe you can fly

We can all do amazing things!

“I believe I can fly.”

6) Don’t be afraid to show affection

Life is short – make sure those who you love and care about it know. Show them.

Brothers In Arms.
Brothers In Arms.

7) Cherish the time you have with your loved ones

Enjoy all the times you have together – even the small moments seem poignant later in life.

Loyal Always.

8) Go ahead and smile – life can be great!

Enjoy the simple, free things in life – there are plenty, including just basking around in the sun. Be happy with that moment and show it.

Living in the moment and loving it.

9) Smell the flowers

The Simple Things.

10) Get curious

There’s a never ending supply of weird & wonderful things, people, ideas and things to do out there!

“What the hell IS that?”