4 Things That Annoyed Me Recently

1) Tuna Fish Being Called Tuna Fish

Once I get something in my head that annoys me, it continues to grow its annoyance the more I encounter it. One prime example is the way people call tuna ‘tuna fish’. Whilst I appreciate it’s a commonly used term, it’s also really grating.

This is simply because, why is there any need for the ‘fish’ suffix? (There isn’t). Tuna is fish. So is trout, but you never hear people going “trout fish”. ‘Catfish’ I’ll accept, because you if you went into a chippy and asked for ‘cat and chips’, for example, that would be, well, odd. But tuna, cod, trout, bream, seabass, salmon and many others – we know they’re fish. We don’t need the suffix.

Similarly, we don’t use suffixes for meat – there’s no “beef meat’, ‘chicken meat’, ‘pork meat’ – why? Because we’re not morons. Well, most of us.

So, why do we call tuna fish tuna fish? Frustrated, I turned to Yahoo Answers. It goes without saying that anything posted on there is 100% accurate.  Here are some answers:

“The most convincing explanation I’ve heard is that in the early 1900s there was a sardine shortage, so fish canneries started canning tuna instead. Because they thought Americans would be unfamiliar with what the word “tuna” might mean, they added the “fish” to it and it stuck. Before this time, tuna was not on the American menu, so it’s a good story.”

“..though chicken is a type of bird, nothing else is called chicken. but tuna is the name of a fish and also the name of a fruit so to make the distinction we say tuna fish so everyone can know we are talking about the fish and not the fruit.”

Tuna is used to mean the fish, and the flesh of that fish (which is also called tuna fish).”

So from this I gleaned that there is a fruit called tuna. Turns out its prickly pear fruit:

Prickly Pear Fruit

I don’t buy the fish/fruit thing. Not until I Googled it was I even aware of it, I’ve never heard ‘tuna fruit’ in my life. So that seems dumb. I buy into the fish suffix being used to make people know it was fish, as tuna was new to them. But, as this was ages ago, it’s annoyingly redundant, and in my opinion should be banned, stat.

2) The Expression ‘Reaching Out’

In my job (SEO/online marketing) I deal with other agencies, often in the States. I’ve found that it’s apparently considered almost compulsory for them to use the phrase “thanks for reaching out” if I’ve contacted them. It’s really grating and here’s why

  • I haven’t ‘reached out’ – I’ve sent you an email
  • ‘Reached out’ implies I’m stretching my arms
  • ‘Reach out’ just makes me think of the opening to ‘Personal Jesus’ by Depeche Mode

The solution to this heinous  crime of course, is simple – don’t use it. Say “thanks for your email” or “thanks for getting in contact”.

3) Repeated Pressings Of Buttons At Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian Crossing

(And lifts.) Seems to me, there’s two annoying types of behaviour at pedestrian crossings – 1) the person that doesn’t press the button and stands there like a bump on a log waiting for the man thing to go green, or (worse) 2) people (the majority of people I might add) who, despite the ‘wait’ sign being illuminated (showing that someone has pressed the button), still press it. Or even worse still, press it more than once.

Of course, in doing so, they get conditioned to thinking this technique works. As they’ve arrived and pressed the button some seconds after the button was originally pressed, the green man comes on sooner than if they’d just walked up and pressed the button the first time. Thus, they think that pressing the button again works, despite this being a futile argument – as if the manufacturers built into the device a trigger to speed things up if a button is pressed multiple times.

An interesting article here, which confirms, obviously, that I’m right, but also states

“In the UK, there used to be a system that counted the number of times that a pedestrian pushes the button. It used this information to regulate pedestrian waiting time. But it was discontinued.”

So there we go.

4) People Slouching Over Trolleys In Supermarkets


It’s common knowledge that we’re becoming a nation of lazy bastards. This is especially apparent in UK supermarkets. I find entering supermarkets annoying anyway. Recently I’ve become more and more agitated by the sheer fucking laziness of people who, rather than walk normally, slouch over their shopping trolley and kind of drag along on their legs. It’s pathetic to watch. It’s as if the very idea of moving their body just can’t be comprehended by them.

Time and again I see these dumb-dumbs walking/slouching/dragging around and it’s just embarrasing to watch. That is all.