Andy Killworth

Andy Killworth

Hi you. I’m Andy. I do SEO.

I’ve been fascinated with the internet ever since I first saw a web page back in 1999. Whilst Geocities, crap WYSIWIG editors, IE5 v Netscape 4.x, Napster and cracked copies of Macromedia software have gone, my love and curiosity for the net hasn’t.

Nowadays I head up an awesome team of SEOs and content marketers in igaming for a truly amazing company. I love how SEO is always evolving; I love the mix of data, analysis and guesswork and how it comes together in a fascinating art.

I’m a bit like this.

Andy With Horses

I am an introvert. This means that I’m at my best when I’m on my own. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like people, just that I sometimes find being around people mentally tiring.
I also associate with the ‘highly sensitive person‘ concept. This means different things to different people, to me it means:

  • I find multiple stimulus overwhelming (example: more than one person speaking at a time, busy shops, pubs etc.)
  • I can see the detail in everything around me, especially people’s behaviour , for example if they’re not comfortable in a meeting (there’s pros and cons to this, the main con is not being able to switch off from it)

I run a bit.

Thames Path 100 Buckle

I first got into long distance running back in 2005. Some years later after having done a few marathons and shorter distances, I took the plunge into ultra running.
Since then I’ve fallen in love with ultra distances, and have done everything from 50k to 100 miles.

I’m big on mental health awareness.

Mental Health Tshirt

As someone who is bipolar and suffered from depression since my teens, I now do what I can to help end the stigma of mental health issues. I have presented at work about my experiences and would love to do more talks. If you’re interested in having someone speak to your company or organisation about their experiences, do get in touch.

I’m vegan, innit.


I went vegan in 2003 and I’ve never looked back. Since vegan has become increasingly mainstream, I am constantly in awe of all the amazing new products being bought to market. I have a particular passion for Ben & Jerrys vegan ice-cream.

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