Annoying Questions & Comments About Being Vegan

  1. Where do you get your protein from?
  2. Why are you vegan?
  3. Don’t you miss cheese?
  4. Don’t you miss bacon?
  5. Are you a strict vegan?
  6. But what about [x food]?
  7. But what would you do if [insert ludicrous hypothetical situation}
  8. But what about [insert something they’re trying to ‘catch you out on’ here]
  9. So you can’t eat chocolate?
  10. So you can’t eat cake?

Then the inevitable comments…

  1. My [friend/friend of a friend] went vegan and was really unhealthy/got fat/got skinny/blah blah
  2. People saying ‘vegan’ as ‘vay-gun’
  3. Eating out must be really tricky
  4. I suppose it must be really hard making sure you have a balanced edit
  5. Some inane comment about how veggie sausages and the like show I really want to eat meat really
  6. I couldn’t go vegan – I’d miss [x thing] too much.
  7. [Some pathetic comment about ‘rabbit food’]