Pink Ribbon Scars (That Never Forget)

Pink Ribbon Scars

How I Learned To Love My Self Harm Scars Trigger warning: discussion of self harm and self injury. At the age of about 16, I ‘discovered’ self harm. For me, like many people that self harm, this started through cutting myself. I would cut myself on my hand or arm. I don’t recall thinking much … Read more

Bipolar FAQ Video


Frequently Asked Questions About Bipolar Disorder – Video I filmed and published this video a while ago but forgot to add to this site. I asked my Facebook friends what questions they would like to ask someone who is bipolar (I’m bipolar 2 and rapid cycle FYI). I cover things like what it’s like, when … Read more

Bipolar: Let’s Talk

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar – ‘manic depression’ (if you’re old school). It’s a pain in the arse, it’s brilliant, it’s un-nerving, it’s soul-destroying, it’s fascinating, it’s life-ruining, it’s life-changing, it’s horrible, it’s inspirational. Yep – it’s a head-fuck. “And when they were up they were up…and when they were down they were down..” – The Grand Old Duke Of … Read more