Wim Hof Method – A Month In

A relative kindly bought me the book ‘The Wim Hof Method‘ for Christmas. I’d heard of Wim and also the ‘Method’ before but never something I’d tried. There’s plenty of info online about the WHM so I won’t detail it here but much of it revolves around breathwork and cold showers (not at the same … Read more

Let’s Rename SEO?

Let's Rename SEO

This week I put a post out on my LinkedIn asking what people would rename SEO to. It was super fun but also really interesting. Here are the suggestions: Winners For comedy, it has to be BUMs. For seriousness, I really like User Experience Optimisation. Read the full list here.

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Pink Ribbon Scars (That Never Forget)

Pink Ribbon Scars

How I Learned To Love My Self Harm Scars Trigger warning: discussion of self harm and self injury. At the age of about 16, I ‘discovered’ self harm. For me, like many people that self harm, this started through cutting myself. I would cut myself on my hand or arm. I don’t recall thinking much … Read more

Advice For Wannabe SEOs

Top 10 Tips For New SEOs

I love SEO for many reasons. It’s a fast moving, exciting profession and one I feel really fortunate to be in. I often see people asking online, “how do I become an SEO?” and below are some thoughts from me. Tip #1 – Learn how to effectively communicate It may surprise you that my first … Read more

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North Downs Way 100 2020

Andy Killworth running NDW 100

I See Stars It’s around 3am on a warm summer’s night. I’m laid looking up at the stars, with the occasional blinking light of a plane meandering over the sky. It’s not often we get to take time to appreciate the beauty of the sky and how it makes us realise how tiny we are … Read more

6 Top Tips For Successful Remote Working

My home office

Remote working isn’t for everyone – it’s one of those ‘love it or hate it’ things. Personally, I love it and I’ve been doing it for six years now. Many people assume working from home is easy, or a cop-out, which it really isn’t. However, like anything in life, it takes some tweaking and work … Read more

5 Things I’ve Learned From Ultra Marathons

Me At Thames Path 100

Ultra marathons (any running distance above the standard 26.2 marathon), are something I truly love. I made the switch from doing more traditional road races at half or marathon distance a few years ago and I’ve never looked back.Ultras aren’t easy – they’re not meant to be, that’s the point in them. They take hours … Read more

Let’s Talk About Andy’s Dinosaur/Prehistoric Adventures

Andy's Prehistoric Adventures

One of the joys of being a parent is you get to watch a lot of kids’s TV. A LOT.  Part of this, especially when you view the episodes repeatedly, or at odd parts of the day when things seem even more surreal (e.g. 3AM), is you get to really know the program. For example, … Read more

Country To Capital Ultra 2018 Race Report

AKA When A Race Goes Great I’d run C2C once before, in 2016, finishing in 7 hours 42 seconds. Arbitrary though it is, those 42 seconds really annoyed me! After DNFing A100 in October, I fancied getting an ultra in early into 2018 and entered for C2C. Whilst January isn’t the best of weather for … Read more